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Helped me numerous times with both my PC's and Mac's. Also, he once didn't charge me for an older laptop that required a new logic board, because it was more cost effective to put the money in a newer laptop. Highly recommend Tampa Bay Computer :)

Steve Maddox


Have been helped several times with upgrades and compatibility issues. Always pleased that I was not treated like an ignoramus, which I am when it comes to technical matters. Service was efficient and affordable, and I recommend it highly. Charles Davenport

Charles Davenport


Renick rocks! He's helped me numerous times throughout the years with my MacBook Pro ... I don't know what I'd do without him, really!

Thanks always Renick! Phyllis~

Phyllis Marsh


I called Renick Marsh after numerous attempts with Apple and HP failed. I upgraded my IMAC to Maverick not knowing it was not compatible to run with my printer. Frustrating days with Apple and HP ensued to no avail. Renick needed a couple of hours and problem solved. Trust me, next time I will call Tampa Bay Computer first. Thanks again Renick!

Helen M. LaFalce



Computer Repair
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